Valuation company licensed with Banco de España, number 4406


Conócenos EMPRESA

Established in 1991 by professionals who have operated in the real state industry since 1969, through the valuation of real and personal property.

We are a completely independent company. Both from financial entities and from real estate firms.
We are a proud full member of ATASA, the Spanish Association of Valuation Companies, in the Board of which we have a seat; we are also an RICS regulated firm and hold the REVC recognition by strong>TEGoVA.

Present in the industry for over 30 years, with the guarantee of professionalism and high qualifications from our 300 professional experts in the local real-estate market, who ensure for complete coverage on a nacional scale.

Alia Tasaciones sole business objective is the valuation and appraisal of all types of property.

Our mission

Our mission
“We are a company devoted entirely to the valuation of all types of property, committed to offering services of the highest quality, engaged in good practices, personalised service, the quality of our work and our profitability”.

Our vision

Our vision
“Setting the difference in the benefit of an innovative service; acting with responsibility, professional ethics and integrity; believing in personal development. We are motivated for change and constantly searching for the consolidation of our growth in order to be sustainable as a company in the future”.

Our values

Valores SER


We aim for a sustainable growth of the company; acting with responsibility, aiming for solvency, profitability and durability in time. Engaged with sustainable environmental business practices that will protect future generations.



We believe in long-term personal relationships, team building, mutual understanding, good atmosphere, communication, motivation and mutual involvement. We engage our team through high levels of communication, mutual confidence and respect, focusing on direct participation and proactivity through education.



Motivated for change, promoting good practices to reassure the functionality of the company, compliance with internal rules, institutional loyalty and continuous education.

Video corporativo

Video corporativo Alia Tasaciones

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