Our offer of services for the needs of our customers

Our offer of services for the needs of our customers


We offer reports and works of the highest level in the field of valuations and appraisals for all purposes and types of property through the application of standards of greater recognition at national and international level.

We supply innovative services based on good practices and personalised client care by applying the experience, responsibility, ethics and integrity of our team to correspond to the confidence of our customers in our work.

Valuations of real estate

Valoraciones de bienes inmuebles
Residential, retail, offices, industrial, urban and rural land, projects, developments, etc.

Valuations of individual rights and trade-related properties

Valoraciones singulares, derechos e ILEEs Inmuebles Ligados a Explotaciones Económicas
Hotels, shopping centres, nursing homes, farms, land development, large farms, sports facilities, golf courses, petrol stations, educational centres, large industrial facilities, port facilities, mineral properties, warehouses, hospitals, health centres, administrative concessions, surface rights, leases, licenses, timesharing properties, etc.

Administrative valuations

Valoraciones administrativas
Expropriatory, cadastral, judicial and tax (inter alia, capital gain tax, inheritance tax, property tax) and judicial valuations for litigation against public agencies.

Business valuations

Valoraciones empresariales
Companies, net assets, goodwill, pharmacies, brand names and all types of intangible assets for mergers, privatisations, scissions of business branches, non-cash contributions, sale & leasebacks, bankruptcy procedures, fair value for accounting purposes (IAS/IFRS), IPOs, valuations for commercial registry, etc.

Industrial and personal property valuations

Industrial and personal property valuations
Plant, machinery, vehicles, aircraft, vessels, software, furniture, inventory, batched or individualised for liquidations, transmissions, guarantees, auctions, etc.

Valuations for advisory and official appraisals

Valuations for advisory and official appraisals
Purchase-sales, mortgages, inheritances, separations, litigation, deals, closeouts, expert witness opinions, taxation, automatised valuation models (AVM), ...


Valuation Advice/Consultancy
Market research, advice on sale or rent, businesses, investment analysis, feasibility studies, valuations for SOCIMIs, etc.

Technical work

Technical work
Measurements, planimetrics, project monitoring, monitoring of works and development, due diligences, assessments of damage, energy certificates, and building assessment reports - visit www.ite2000.es

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