Unique Valuations,
Rights, and EIA

Properties tied to economic activities.

Why do you need this type of valuation?

We specialise in unique valuations and properties tied to economic activities. Whether a hotel, winery, hospital, or shopping centre, our expert team provides meticulous valuations, considering each unique aspect of the property to ensure an accurate and transparent valuation. We focus on producing reports that contain all necessary information, clear and well-founded, to ensure a comprehensive understanding and solid argumentation of each valuation.

Services Offered Within Asset Valuation

Our main services include:


Golf courses

Shopping centres

Cultural centres

Educational centres

Logistics centres

Religious centres

Administrative concessions

Surface rights

Agricultural operations

Mining operations

Leisure estates

Petrol stations

Hospitals and health centres


Sports facilities

Industrial facilities

Port facilities



Student residences

Nursing homes

Development land

Funeral homes and crematoriums


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